Welcome! My name is Bella and I am a full time vegan contributing to this lifestyle through my culinary work. Growing up in a traditional Italian-Argentinean household, I learned to dance in the kitchen with my mother and Nonna through movements of chopping, rolling, and seasoning many family dishes. I always enjoyed making these traditional recipes until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and quickly changed many lifestyle habits. Apart from the numerous doctors I’ve visited who were not offering much hope, I did my own research and knew I had to try going plant based. I am so grateful I did! I’ve never felt healthier and knowing that I no longer contribute to animal suffering makes it all that much more worth it. As a vegan, I can bake and sauté with the best of them. I'm passionate about showing the world just how delicious and nutritious food can actually be when it's free of animal ingredients.

I’ve received culinary training at Natural Gourmet Institute. There, I was finally able to put my culinary talents to work without compromising my values. I developed an arrange of culinary skills from converting traditional recipes to alternative diets (i.e Gluten Free and Vegan) to practice in menu planning and quantity cooking. I have experience leading Raw Vegan workshops and cooking demos for numerous events. Food and the act of cooking has always been the cornerstone of my life and a daily habit. By eliminating animal protein’s, dairy, eggs, processed foods and consuming a whole plant based food diet, I’ve learned that what we eat affects every aspect of our lives; physically, mentally, and socially. I want to make it my mission to share with the world that REAL food has REAL power. It may sound like a tall order for broccoli, but what do you have to lose? Nothing but so much more to gain!